Photo Credit:  Cassidy Baine

Photo Credit: Cassidy Baine

Coconut Yoga is a children's yoga and wellness company based in Los Angeles, California. Classes are inspired by the sea and her dream to bring the calming, grounding and relaxing essence to children on a yoga mat.

Founded by Amanda Chase, a certified vinyasa and children's yoga teacher with the simple intention to provide children the tools to help them become their most authentic selves, after receiving a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certificate from Yoga Vida as well as a 25-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate from OM Schooled in NYC. 

Her passion for children's yoga stems from her childhood where she spent many days at daycare unable to find an outlet to express her emotions and creative mind. As an adult, she discovered yoga's healing nature and realized that these same techniques can foster positive growth and development in children. 

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